Air Optix Contact Lenses

The Air Optix® range of silicone hydrogel lenses deliver comfort that you can wear continuously; day and night.

TriComfort™ technology keeps Air Optix® lenses moisturised, breathable and deposit free for up to a month of wear. The patented material features an ultra-smooth surface that resists nasty protein deposits, and other uncomfortable build-ups. The silicone hydrogel material allows for superior breathability, and retains moisture inside of the lens – meaning your eyes won’t dry out.


The TriComfort™ technology boasted by all Air Optix® lenses is made possible by a unique plasma surface technology. It creates a hydrophilic environment – meaning it attracts and absorbs moisture. This is essential for keeping the eyes moisturised, and preventing lenses from drying out over long periods of time. This environment is also best able to resist lipids and deposits, which can build up on lenses and make them uncomfortable over time.


Oxygen is essential for the health of the eyes and it’s important to choose a contact lens with good breathability. The silicone hydrogel material of Air Optix lenses allows 5 times more oxygen through to the eyes than other soft contact lenses. This is one of the reasons Air Optix® can be worn for such long periods of time.


If you regularly fall asleep wearing your lenses, and don’t like the daily cleaning routine demanded by most monthly lenses, Air Optix® are the contacts for you. Designed to be worn continuously for up to 30 days, these lenses will remain comfortable even after a full night’s sleep. But remember, always follow your optician’s recommended wearing schedule.