Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses


If you opt for monthly disposable contact lenses, you’ll need to make sure you look after the lens properly for the duration of the month. The lenses are specially designed to last for 30 days but to avoid any build-up of bacteria you need to clean and store your lenses in contact lens solution. You can find a large range of solutions with Feel Good Contacts, so you can receive your monthly contact lenses and your solution at the same time. Most solutions will come with handy lens cases in which you can store your monthly disposables overnight.


When we say you can save money with monthly contact lenses – we really mean it. Prices for monthly contact lens packs start at only Rs.167 per box, based on a 12 months’ supply. Most boxes will contain a three-month supply of contact lenses, so for a whole year’s worth of contact lenses you will only need four boxes delivered for each eye. And all of this for some first rate contact lens brands. Air Optix Aqua lenses are made of ultra-comfortable silicone hydrogel to make them feel light and breathable. We also offer popular lenses from SofLens, Biofinity and Frequency, and even ProClear’s Tailor Made Toric lens which can be tailored to almost any prescription. If you think we don’t stock your contact lens product because you usually buy your lenses from an optician, you could be wrong. Most optician brands are repackaged, so check our guide to find the equivalent lenses and you could also save yourself money.