Silk Lens Contact Lenses

Silklens is an Indian company started by Mr. Singh. It has been in the market for more than 30 years and the name has always been associated with contact lenses and eye care. Silklens has a wide range or lenses. Their most popular is the S1/S2 series contact lenses, RGP lenses, toric lenses and Prosthetic lenses.

They have a nation wide distribution network and a state of the art manufacturing in Bangalore. They have CNC lathe cutting machines and other world class equipment match to the requirement of the consumers and the best of international standards.

Silklens, as a company has laid emphasis on quality and have been serving perfect since long. New technology is also regularly updated by them. The quality level installed maintains itself equating with the best available. It continues to provide customers with high quality through a strict process and a separate quality control department to continuously maintain and monitor raw materials, packaging and finished products. Silklens is equipped with state of the art equipment straight from manufacturing to washing sterilization filling and packing.

Their operating procedures are reviewed regularly and updated. They regular quality checks have been necessary and products are analysed and approved before the products can be cleared .