Focus Dailies Contact Lenses

Dailies® are the most comfortable range of daily disposable lenses from Alcon (formerly CIBA Vision). All Dailies® contacts come with special blink-activated moisturising technology, which releases a lubricating solution onto the eye every time you blink. This maintains the moisture and comfort of the eye, mimicking the behaviour of natural tears.

Dailies® lenses deliver contact lens options for all of your eye care needs, whether you require toric, progressive, or multifocal lenses. What’s more, you can choose between the standard Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lens, and the premium, advanced comfort of Dailies® AquaComfort Plus®.


We blink up to 14,000 times during an average day. With Dailies®, every time you blink a solution is released onto your eye, keeping it feeling fresh and moisturised throughout your day. The AquaComfort Plus® range uses unique AquaComfort® solution for enhanced comfort.


Dailies Total 1® are the only water gradient contact lens in the world. They boast almost 100% water content on the external surfaces of the lens. This keeps the lens moisturised, and the eye lubricated and comfortable. The centre of the lens is a special silicone hydrogel, which allows the movement of up to six times more oxygen to the eye than other soft contact lenses.


This unique manufacturing method provides you with a lens with super thin edges. These slim edges allow for minimum friction between the eyelids and the lens; making application easy and wear consistently comfortable.