Aryan Contact Lenses

Aryan contact lenses are made in Korea . They are a division of Falna Plastics. These lenses are FDA approved. They have been in the optical industry since 1980. They are under the supervision of eye care professionals, Optometrists and professionals to best serve the needs and questions of its users.Their goal is to give a large selection of contact lenses best prices in India.

Aryan guarantees factory sealed and defect free products. In case a lens is observed defective and does not meet the intended prescription, it will be replaced at no extra cost provided the lens is returned in the original packaging.

They have a wide range of cosmetic colors available. Aryan is selling in many countries in Asia. They have Aryan 2 tone and Aryan 3 tone natural colors. On order even a colored lens is available.

They come in four colors namely- aqua blue, brown, grey and green. These cosmetic lenses are absolutely safe and completely protect the eyes. The lenses are elastic and very soft in quality. These cosmetic lenses are great for the fashion buff.

Aryan contact lenses are available at feelgoodcontacts at most competitive prices. Prices are as low as Rs. 700 to 2000 for each lens. You can enjoy your shopping experience at