Biotrue Contact Lenses and Solutions

Biotrue is currently one of the best selling solution in the world. It has a lubricant found naturally in our eyes and matches the PH of healthy eyes. Biotrue keeps the eye healthy and provides it with all the health the eye needs thereby making wearing contact lenses easier on the eyes. It also keeps the tear proteins alive.

Most people find Biotrue works naturally like their own tears. There is no dryness and residue. The eyes never go dry, red or irritated. The lenses also work very well for sensitive eyes. One doesn't need to blink or rub his/her eyes and can get to stare clearly into anyone’s eyes. It also works well for patients who wish to wear contacts for 12 hours without taking them out to wear glasses.

At, we delivery this solution at your doorstep. So you can order these lenses at your doorsteps along with your lenses.