Eye Care Details

Guidelines and Quick Tips

When you get your contact lenses, your eye care professional or a staff member will teach you all about cleaning, disinfecting, storing and replacing your lenses according to the prescribed schedule.

While this may sound complicated at first, these are simple processes and very easy to learn. Plus, there are many multi-purpose contact lens solutions that clean and disinfect in one step. The key is to get in the habit of caring for your lenses conscientiously.

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For Healthy and Comfortable eyes:

Please follow the general guidlines set out by the team at "Feel Good Contact lenses:



  • Replace lenses if they are scratched /damaged or if they have any deposits.
  • Replace your contact lens case each month to prevent a build up contaminants.
  • Strictly follow the wearing and care instructions of your lenses that have been provided by your practitioner.
  • Attend your routine follow up examinations with your practitioner this is essential in monitoring your eye health.
  • Apply your lenses before you apply makeup.Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply your lenses. (Even moisturizer or sunscreen can cause stinging or other problems, so wash up!)
  • Apply eye shadow and liner gently, so you dont jostle or damage your lenses.
  • Use oil-free and fragrance-free eye makeup.
  • Call your eye care professional if you have any redness, pain, swelling or irritation.
  • Remove your lenses before you remove your eye make-up.
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses every time you remove them.
  • Keep all your solution bottles tightly capped when youre not using them.


  • Dont wear your lenses while you color or perm your hair.
  • Dont use aerosols (hairspray, etc.) with your eyes open.
  • Dont sleep in your lenses (unless you wear lenses that are specifically designed for continuous wear and your eye care professional has prescribed them for that wear schedule).
  • Do not re-use your contact lens solution.Always discard and replace the solution each time you store your lenses.
  • Never use tap water for cleaning contact lenses.
  • Do not use your lenses while swimming or water sports.
  • Do not ignore any irritation or redness of the eyes. If in doubt take them out!
  • Do not wear your lenses while you are on eye medication or using eye drops unless advised by your