New Reward Points

Reward Points

Collect points each time you shop with Feel Good Contacts!

Here at we really value our customers. And we think you deserve a reward for your loyalty! That's why we have created Feel Good Reward Points

Every time you spend Rs.100 with us, we will award you 10 Feel Good Reward Points. You don't need to do a thing - we will apply them automatically to your account. Once you have collected 1000 points, you can start saving on your contact lens purchases!

It's simple: the more you spend, the more you earn!


With Feel Good Reward Points you have the freedom to save up your points for one big purchase; or you can use your discount to get money off any payment. So, read on and find out how to earn and redeem your Feel Good Reward Points.

Just another way we're helping our customers Feel Good.

How it Works


Once you've registered you can check your Feel Good Reward Points account to find out how many points you have and how you can redeem them.

Please read the Feel Good Reward Points section of our terms and conditions to find out more about our scheme.